Resident Hunters Spend their Money in Different Areas than Non-Resident Hunters

Map showing which counties resident New Mexico hunters spend their money.
Map of non-resident New Mexico hunter spending by county.

Spending data on New Mexico resident hunters were collected via surveys1.  Equipment spending was allocated to individual counties proportional to selected retail spending in the state. The assumption is that equipment purchases are made in essentially the same places where most retail sporting goods are sold. Spending that typically takes place where the fishing or hunting occurs (i.e., destination spending such as lodging, guide fees, etc.) was allocated to the counties based on the days of hunting in each county. Some spending typically takes place closer to the sportsmen’s place of residence (i.e., residential spending such as licenses and membership dues) and was assigned to counties based on the number of sportsmen who live in each county. Some spending categories are split between the sportsmen’s place of residence and where the activity occurs (i.e., groceries, fuel, etc.) For this hybrid spending, half of the spending was allocated using the destination spending methodology, and a half was allocated using the residential spending methodology to capture the fact that spending occurred in multiple places.

Footnotes and References

  1. The Economic Contributions of Fishing, Hunting, and Trapping in New Mexico in 2013: A statewide and county-level analysis. July 31, 2014, Southwick Associates for NMDGF.